• Jealousy?? It sounds more like immaturity & someone who is insecure about themselves. Not to mention insensitive towards your feelings. Turn it back where it belongs - on him! Ask him why he feels the need to *convince himself* of his appeal to other women. At least (according to him??!!) there are plenty of other women out there to listen to his bullsh*t ! So that leaves you free of it :)
  • because it works. the fact that I do not play such childish games are why I have only had one GF in my life and that was only for a month and that was when I was 23... after that she was my fiance then wife.
  • immature.
  • Because he believes that women want something that belongs to another woman. If he shows interest in another woman, then the one he really wants will want him more. In many cases he is correct. Women tend to find men more desirable if other women desire them also.
  • I'm not entirely convinced he's trying to make the girl he likes jealous so much as he's trying to show that he's been okayed by these other girls. I've found that women like men that other women like. A guy has better chances with most women if he's been pre-selected and is in good with others. In his mind, it may make him appear more attractive. A better commodity. You know, a sales pitch: Act NOW! Supplies are limited and going FAST! He's kinda got the cart before the horse though. The guy doesn't get to brag about how these other women want him, he's just gotta be the guy other women want and let it roll on its own. Otherwise he just comes off like a conceited jackass. So the short answer is: he's a conceited jackass.
  • I have never done that, but I assume those women are a boost to his ego. Perhaps he was bragging to try and convince you that he is a worthy mate. His insecurity and immaturity doesn't allow him to be direct with you, so he has to imply it. Are you asking because it did make you jealous? Are you thinking you might want a relationship with him? If you are both single, go for it. He's probably trying to get together with you...and if he does, the ego might come back to earth. On the other hand, he could just be a "player". You'll have to decide that.
  • Let me counts the ways why: immaturity, narcissism, a player, insincere, unappreciative, low self esteem, lack of relationship skills, and probably a complete waste of your time.
  • I don't recognise this as something i would do.
  • Because he's stupid and doesn't know how to pick up women.
  • because jealousy is a form of caring
  • Because he's childish.
  • because his charm and character isn't enough to make that woman attracted to fall in love with him... so he uses childish petty jealousy to win her heart.
  • its game playing, immature and proves he is insecure, dont fall for it
  • because he is selfish and has a low self esteem and wants to have control over the others self esteem ?
  • Jealous much Talking to a women is not cheating
  • Why do you assume that he's trying to make you jealous? What is he's actually, honestly bragging
  • How would anyone other than him know the real reason why he does the things that he does? Who says he's trying to make you jealous anyway? You may think that he is, but that is not necessarily what his intentions are.
  • So he can see if you are insecure.
  • I think he is trying to show you that he is desirable so you should want him also.

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