• Good eye contact at all times, not to long but look them right in the eye always, shows your being honest and open but stare too long they might think you fancy them haha. I dont believe in looking away from someone with a high status or be that rolling over in a submissve position, we are humans not dogs.
  • I heard awhile ago that what tends to happen is as follows... Man to Man- 50 % of time having eye contact Man to Woman- 60% of time having eye contact Woman to Woman- 70% of time having eye contact That's the average time spent having eye contact.
  • I think its always good to make eye contact. But, dont stare. Eye contact shows respect, and attentiveness.
  • I subscribe to the Kesuke Miyagi theory of "always keep eye" from The Karate Kid.
  • In Japan, you're supposed to show humbleness and humility by not showing eye-contact to a superior. However, for us Gaijin (foreigners), they'll usually let it slide.
  • Yes, I believe there are different rules for eye contact with superiors, in different cultures and countries.
  • I have never dropped my eye contact just because someone is the MD or someone famous. That would make them feel they are above me. And they definitely arent!! But there is a line that can be crossed between good eye contact and just plain staring. Staring can freak the other person out, make them uncomfortable. Or if theyre big-headed think that you fancy them.
  • In American culture, no. The same rules apply to everyone.
  • For the most part in American culture, making eye contact is a sign of attentiveness and courtesy, as long as you aren't staring, leering or ogling. There is no such thing as a "person of higher status", as all Americans are of equal status. However, in some Native American cultures, eye contact is considered rude and forward.
  • I do not believe so. It is always courteous to give direct eye contact when engaging in conversation with another, no matter their caste. It is called active listening and something that actually shows interest and respect, in my opinion.

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