• The way he talks to women and the way he treats the women in his own family are usually good indicators of whether he respects women.
  • Here's a good litmus test: If you're at a restaurant and you have a female waiter, pay very close attention to how he treats her. In general, you can get a pretty good idea about what kind of person someone is based on how they treat waiters. It's weird, but I think it's true.
  • Definetly see how he treats or just talks to/about his mom. How does he treat the waitress/waitor when your out to eat. Does he treat you with respect? Watch him whenever your out together, how does he treat the general public of women. Most important, how does he talk about his ex girlfriends. If he cannot talk about them with respect then he probably isn't that respectful of women. Hope it helps. :)
  • pay attention to how he treats his mother and his sister; if he is good to them, chances are he will be good to you. also, female authority or public figures. if he is often badmouthing his female boss for no apparent reason, or if he judges other female authority figures as being emotional or weak (and it indicates bias), the i'd watch out.
  • Watch to see if he opens and holds doors for you, if he pulls out your chair at a restaurant, if he walks in front of you, if he allows you to walk street-side when walking side by side down a sidewalk, if he doesn't compliment you on your appearance, if he talks down to waitresses or hostesses, if he decides for you what you will be eating at the restaurant, if he expects you to be available at his beck and call but is not flexible with his own schedule, if he expects something in return for buying dinner, if he is curt with you on the telephone, if he won't even bother acting like he's not looking at another woman. There are many signs. The main one is if he's an ass to a total stranger there's nothing stopping him from being one to you.
  • Just observe how he treats women, from his mom and sisters to strangers, women in authority.
  • Insulting, belittling, ignoring, ridiculing..being possessive, trying to alienate you from family/friends. Run, do not walk away! You will live to regret staying. :( Of course, any kind of physical abuse and you should report him to the authorities! :)
  • If he brings a girlfriend to another girlfriend's house?

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