• It must be an AB glitch. I have over 2000 answers and 10 extra questions that did not go through my profile. That doesn't mean they are not active, cause I've come across most of them. Here is a question I asked in 2017, and NOWHERE does it appear in my list of questions:
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      A side note: AB is out-of-date.
    • we are dough 68
      Another side note: Jenny Rizzo is so HOT !
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      Keep it down.
    • we are dough 68
      That's not easy with you in my thoughts !
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      Get over it and move on.
  • I haven't had the problem, but I've seen where a couple of other people mentioned a virus. You've said it was called AWW Shucks, but can you tell us anything more about it ? What did it do? How did you find out it was a virus? How did you identify it's name ? Who removed it and how/what did they do to fix it ? Did you take your computer to a shop, or was this done remotely over the internet? The reason I'm asking is that I've been doing a bunch of digging around since I first saw your question/warning, and none of my reliable sources have heard of this "AWW Shucks". I have a funny feeling that you've been attacked by a "ransomware" hacker. If you are not familiar with ransomware/malware I suggest you have a look at the following link. It is safe and, it explains everything.......
    • Thinker
      All it has seemed to do is require me to restart my computer.
    • Ice man
      I was trying to help you, not trying to shame you, Why did you pay the $100 ? Obviously you didn't know any better and you were had by a clever ransomware hacker. I'm sorry it happened to you - live and learn, my friend.
  • I don't know who this thinker is but it is not the original person by this name.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Wait, so this isn't you?
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Thinker, what a coincidence, the other Thinker happens to be religious like you:

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