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  • you can always try and bring the thrill back...
  • Love changes as the relationship progresses - you can't keep that initial thrill forever but that doesn't mean you can't introduce new ones or find other ways to keep it real and alive!
  • Yeah. That "thrill" is nothing but an overdose of dopamine, a brain chemical. What follows is probably a recipe for order and predictability, two things that are severely underrated in modern relationships.
  • The real question is, do you love each other? If so, that is enough. And if you do love each other, the thrill is probably not gone for good. Like a roller coaster, that first big fall is thrilling, but once it's done it's not like you're going on in a straight line forever. There are all kinds of little thrills and surprises that pop up in a life together.
  • No, spice it up baby!!!!!!
  • if there is no spark, i would say move on. no sense in holding on to something that isn't there anymore.
  • if you're having to ask.....i'd say not. you know if it's still right to be together even if the thrill has gone.
  • not for me i dont do boredom, or comfortable hahaha
  • It depends on if you are willing to take the chance on finding another with whom you are AS comfortable. The 'thrill' is simply an emotional response. Comfort is something that evolves over time. Only you can answer if it is enough...
  • I may be naive but I don't think the thrill of really loving someone and being loved in return ever really goes away. It's enough when you're both willing to shake things up every now and then!
  • That would be fine with me... :)
  • I do not think in any relationship you have the so called trill there 24/7. Got to both work on keeping the trill going that all.
  • If you are happy and comfortable with one another you can talk about what you need to do to bring the thrill back. If you love one another it never really dies.
  • Sure is... and it's more stable too. That's when you know it's real.
  • Dirty sex was created just for times like this...
  • Apparently not for my ex wife. Admittedly, she initiated it after 17 years, but the thrill was gone. By doing that, she allowed me to get some new thrill in my life.
  • Nothing wrong with comfort if that is all you need or want. Some people don't like thrills.
  • From my own personal experience: My S/O and I go through lulls and highs. We get so busy, we barely have enough time for ourselves, let alone eachother, and we will continue like that for a while. Then, all of the sudden, one day, we will look at eachother like we just met, and act like rabbits, until we HAVE to get back to the things that make us busy. The love never really goes, nor does the comfort. I love him all the more because I am comfortable with him. It works for us. Now you got me thinking about him! I can't wait until he gets home! ;P
  • Comfortable, really comfortable means that you can freely approach the other person if you're feeling the need for some thrill and spice.
  • No its not enough, people need to stimulate there spouses
  • It is for me.
  • You didn't say anything about the love, the trust, the compassion, the loyalty, etc. As long as you have that, anything else is gravy.
  • Absolutely, it is enough. Its bliss!
  • Well, you'll be lucky to find it again. Believe you me.
  • So long as you're both comfortable and n ot just bored. Or one is comfortable and the other frustrated and restless? It's nice to be together if you love each other, sex and all that chemical attraction thing changes after the initial 'rush' - we can't maintain such chemical highs and real life has to go on. Love's the main thing. And romance makes up for a lot too!
  • I believe in settling down but I do not believe in settling.
  • I am single, but when I am married, I want the "thrill" to be there everyday--if it isn't...we will just have to work some magic and bring back the excitement! :D Great question!!!
  • Apparently, it is for me since I've been with my S.O. for 11 years and the "thrill" has been gone for about 6 or 7 years now. I do wish the thrill would come back though. I just love feeling like I'm on cloud when you first fall in love with someone.
  • Yep. It's not the thrill you want to keep it's the joy that comes along with it ultimately. I know my bf and I are really settled into each other after a year, but still, every time my phones rings I hope it's him, and every time I see his name show up on caller ID I still get a LITTLE flutter. Something always going to be there. And once you're comfortable with each other, every other thrill in life can be shared. The initial spark might be gone, but the passion is still roaring.

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