• Please edit your question as I'm sure you are not buying a husband.But do it quick as you only have 2 minutes left.
  • Buying a husband?! God forbid!
  • This question is very clear, however the only 2 answers here so far are not answers. Since this is 'Answerbag' you will find nitpicking without any useful input. Question: "I'm buying a HOME and my husband-to-be already has a home and wants to sell his when I put his name on my deed. Is this wise, or should I request my name go on his deed as well before he sells his home?" Well 'precious', this is a huge decision - and you need to make sure that this decision doesn't come back to haunt you in the future. I wouldn't add my other half's name onto my deed unless the measure was two way... but you need to make your own choice.
  • you're buying a husband...?
  • I'd say, put both of your names on both houses. Make sure though, that both signatures are required in order for any decisions are to be made, however, so that if things go sour, he can't sell your house. Also, he probably wants his name on there "just in case". It's silly but some guys are like that.

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