• Yes, because they usually have a way of expressing it.
  • It really depends. Is that someone homo sapiens? Such a difficult question and one worth pondering, to be sure. Ibid. Never trust a person who looks to their left when answering a question. Just ask him/her/it if he/she/it loves you and watch his/her/its eyes. If they move to the left/right/center, then you can bet your booties that they are lying. Otherwise, try writing him/her/it a letter and seeing if he/she/it responds with a pre-printed greeting card or one that is scratched out and written in with his/her/its own words if they are homo sapiens. If not homo sapiens, then you must get a dog/cat/elephant whisperer to determine the answer. Hope this helps.....
  • No i don't believe so. Sometimes people just don't have the emotional capacity to believe they are loved..regardless of how much effort is put into showing them. 'tis a sad thing indeed when that happens.
  • Not necessarily. Someone may truly love you..but if you are involved with someone else, he/she may keep quiet about it. True love always puts the interests of the loved one first, and self second.:) Happy Saturday! :)
  • They would have to confront me and say it to me. I never was good at mind reading.
  • Not always. You need a sender that sends good signals and you need a receptor that catches the signals and interprets them correctly. I had this happen and never did get together with two people. One, I was too imature to "catch" the signals and the other I was too "pre-occupied" with other concerns.
  • Since pretty much everybody loves me it really isn't an issue of my knowing?
  • yes i do.
  • No. I'm rubbish at reading signals.
  • I honestly do.
  • Sometimes by the way they treat me i know..:)
  • Not since I got in that fight Madame Cleo and she kicked me out of the phychic friends network... Madame Cleo was a T.V. phychic(fake) here in the U.S.A.

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