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  • Yeah, Marijuana Causes paranioa, thus causing panic. How much did u toke? what ever it was, toke less.
  • I'm not sure...but I know that people who have done coke are more likely to have panic attacks. Make the right choices.
  • It's very normal, and like any drug, consuming this when you're in high (lulz) spirits offers much more amiable results then when you're feeling down or depressed about something. (But that's variable and debatable, because it's not always as direct as other drugs.) When you feel it coming on, one good thing to do is take in deep breaths (Reduces the physical effects like heartbeat, and nausea.) and start rationalizing in your head and retrieve that bar which separates reality and tripping out. I would say that if you can't do this while under the influence you shouldn't be smoking it but, it is a rather prominent effect of doing it. :/
  • I smoke a lot. (everyday). Which is not good on my part because of my anxiety problems. But I have just figured that since weed raises the heart rate anyway, it shouldnt hurt me. I have slowed down since my anxiety has gotten worse but for the most part, it seems all psychological. Now I just judge how I am feeling when it is being passed around and make a decision as to how much I can take without freaking out.
  • Let me first say I have been a smoker for 25 years. And the first time I ever had a attack it was in Oct of last year. Now I'm quite not sure what to think but I would say to do it with a friend. And Just relex and not to think about it!!!! That helps me outALOTTTT!!!!
  • for some people. just try to calm down and chill. if it becomes a problem then stop smoking for a while.
  • cold water always helps. same thing happened to me. I was out smoking with my freind and I think I inhaled too hard since it was only about my 7th time and she was on the phone half the time. but anyway my point is that when i climbed the spiral stairs up to my house and finally sat down on my couch, i began to see a mirage coming out of the vase of flowers and told myself that this couldnt be happening, leading to a panic attack. I had one before when on ritalin and coffee since i have adhd. however this time it was unforeseen since weed is meant to be a relaxant. I got up and felt my heart pacing and my breaths shortening and felt like i was gonna throw up. i got scared cuz i was all alone but then took deep breaths and splashed my face with cold water from the sink for about 2 minutes, then i was fine. but immediately after that I called my boyfriend who is a heady hippy and my sister and i took a 30 minute walk with a bottle of water and crackers handy. just be careful my freinds-i personally dont want to smoke again any time soon because i believe it relaxes my body but rapidly increases my mental activity causing paranoia. this dichotomy is very disillusioning and scary to control freaks like myself.

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