• are you stillw ith your husband and is he still cheating? some men cheat, i dont know why but normally a lepord doesnt change its spots! i would give the marriage ago and go to a counsillor with him, but give it a few months and if at the end of a few months you still cant trust him then end it. it doesnt matter that he is your husband, no-one should treat you like that.
  • What's the question??? And why the hell are you married to such a pig? Whatever your question is, divorce is the answer. He is trash and has most likely given you a lovely venereal disease. Go to the doctor, then go to the lawyer.
  • guys cheet to fill ther own ego, it's not about you. its about them.
  • He cheated on you while he was proposing to you? That must have been interesting. He also cheated before and after two weddings? You married him twice? But the only question you asked was why cheat and the only person who can answer it is him.
  • Doesn't sound complicated to me. Figure out when you've been made the fool too many times and then leave. Think maybe that should have been BEFORE the wedding?

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