• Bring it to your pharmacy and have the pharmacist identify it. That's the best and safest way. Alternatively you can buy a Physician's Desk Reference which has pictures of pills to help you identify it. If you're thinking of actually taking this pill you should definitely go with the pharmacist.
  • Sounds like Valium 10mg, but as Missmezzo said, take it to the pharmacy to be sure.
  • Based on the posting date, I would say the person asking this question is enrolled in the same forensics class that I am, and assigned the same identify by photo assignment... I consitered Valium, but on the valium pulls I saw, the V was actually a cutout in the pill. This one is not a cutout, but like a block indentation... I called my pharmasist and described it, and it stumped them too...
  • There are several. Does it have numbers? Here's a list

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