• she melted and she was the bad witch
  • I don't know because I have seen the movie more times than I could count and I don't think they mention it at all.
  • In Baum's books, The Good Witch of the South is named Glynda. She is beautiful and ever-young in appearance (and much older in reality), and it is she who tells Dorothy that her magical SILVER slippers will take her whereever she wants to go. She is also the most powerful witch/sorceress/magician in all of Oz, and rules Quadling County, which is well defended by her army of Amazons. She is also the sister of the Good Witch of the North. The Good Witch of the North is was an older sorceress, weaker in power than either of the wicked East-West sisters. She does meet Dorothy at her arrival, and does send her on her way, but does not appear in the book after that, though she does show up in sequels. She was never named in Baum's books, but in his own stage adaptation he named her Locasta. But in one of the sequels written by Plumly, she names her Tattypoo. The 1939 movie combined the two characters for plot and sylistic reasons.
  • u should go see wicked its pretty good

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