• Yes but respect goes out the window during a breakup.:-)
  • You would think so, especially if you've spent years with this person. Talking to you about why could be the least they could do. But you dont always get that closure you're looking for...
  • I'm not so sure... A lot of times, you can't explain it in terms that your now ex is gonna get. And, it's definitely hard to explain it in terms where they're not gonna get their feelings hurt. For instance, suppose I'm dating a girl who, when we first started dating, she's a ray of sunshine. After dating for six months, she's just a downer. I can't seem to make her happy any more. I may not even know why it doesn't click any more, but I do know things aren't as they should be. In that situation, I think the onus is on the girl to do a little soul searching... But, she is gonna want to somehow put it on me, right? So, why should I try to explain that?
  • I think it depends on how long you have been with that person. Sometimes your relationship hasn't gotten to the point where you can really tell that person every thing you are thinking and feeling. It may have nothing to do with you or everything to do with you and they may not be able to express that. Just easier for them to move on.
  • Yeah it is. But at the same time you have to look at it as you just aren't meant to be together and he/she was never a really good friend to begin with. So what ever reason they could come up with will just make you feel like you need to improve something but you can't "earn" love. Just thank God he/she isn't wasting any more of you time:) Sorry for your loss.
  • You would think so but some people just don't have the respect of the other party to fill them in on why... knowing why in my opinin doesn't make it any easier or harder to get over them...
  • Yes this is how it should be done...
  • What difference would it make? She/he no longer wants to be with you. Whatever the person says (which could be a lie), it won't make any difference. If it is the truth, it might be something hurtful. It is enough for me to know that someone no longer wants my company. Anything more than that is irrelevant to the circumstance. That's just my opinion. I do think it should be face-to-face, rather than by phone or text message or email. Otherwise it is a cowardly act! :)
  • well recently my fiance broke up with me by using a lie, which isnt a good idea as i knew it was false, just didnt make sense, ive since found out the truth and were 'back together' working out his problems. so yes telling the truthful reason lets the other person know what was wrong so they can learn from there mistakes if it was to do with them.
  • That's true but you see... men when they dont give an explanation it means they are afraid. They are just cowards because I believe everything deserves and explanation... even if its a lie forget it, the point is to give a reason, not just leave as if nothing happened. Unfortunately this is what happened to me. My ex left me and said he didnt have a reason, I was convinced he loved me but it was somewhat bullshit. I tried getting an answer and to this day I havent had one. It hurts more.. but its probably a woman involved, they are just too afraid to admit it. Oh well
  • Not necessarily. That person who breaks up with you isnt under any obligation to say why they are moving on. At the very least, they ought to be honest with you about their feelings. Some guys just get tired of the other person and dont understand that the newness of any relationship isnt going to last forever. Some guys need to feel that newness feeling to feel alive. Just my 2 cents.
  • Simply...yes, and if you don't have ans then ask....but I suspect he didn't want to tell you the real reason. He has chosen to live without you which is bad enough, maybe he doesn't want to hurt you further??? However you can't make him tell you... but you could try explaining that you need to know in order to move on. Just be prepared to hear his reasons.
  • Yes,,but, do not think it will help anyway with dealing with your feelings.
  • Sure it is.....if they know why.
  • It would be nice to know why, but if they are breaking up with you they proably don't want to tell you.
  • No. The respectable thing to do is NOT BREAK UP WITH ME!
  • I think so. How could you learn and grow without knowing the real reason you are being left.
  • it is the respectable thing to do, but some people are afraid to express their feeling or they don't want to see the other person hurt or they are just dogs
  • Yes. You should try to avoid going out with people of this caliber the future if you can.
  • Dont think anyone should dump someone by text or phone. My boyfriend has dumped me yet again by text but just says dont think it will work out. He keeps saying though hope we can be good friends whatever that means. It hurts that he wont give me real reason
  • It sure is - it makes it alot easier to get over than wondering.
  • yes, but sometimes people don't know the reason , they just act
  • Fear is the key which does not allow us to open out to others.Though it may be respectable to do that but most of the time people are afraid to know the truth.
  • The respectable thing to do would be to give you a reason, if you want to know. BUT In other circumstances where a partner has been non-communicative during the relationship, abusive, or just a plain jerk, I don't think an explanation is owed.
  • That is the logical thing,but that in case he will tell the truth not just make up a reson
  • Yes I think that is the right thing to do.

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