• good question. Some laws are worded a little screwed up. Possibly pimping isn't illegal just prostitution. I don't know that for sure though. Just like you can buy drug paraphnila at a store but not drugs. Some laws don't make sense. My guess is that is why.
  • You can't arrrest someone for having poor taste in clothing....
  • Living off the avails of prostitution IS very illegal where I come from (Canada). Prostitution itself is not. Soliciting is as well. Pimps are rarely arrested because even though they stick out like sore thumbs, they still have to be proven to be pimping. This means the girls will have to rat himout. This usually results in death, or something worse. So, you can see why they don't get caught!
  • Dont be ridiculous. It's not illegal to dress poorly with no taste. If it was the fashion police would be arresting half the Walmart customers.
  • maybe cause they didnt get caught doing anything

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