• Nice ass, hehe. I have been strawberry picking this year. I always go, i love them. I could eat them all day but i dcn't think my bowels would like it much. I love melons as well, i like to make sure they are nice and ripe by giving them a good squeeze. hehe. ;)
  • Mangoes, they is yummy
  • I love fruit picking and do it often. Right now since the blueberries are ripe, my husband and I love to go outside around our house and in the woods to pick blueberries. They are everywhere. And it's a race with the birds and bears to see who will get more berries LOL!!! I love blueberries, it's one of the reasons I love it here so much. There are low bush and high bush here, plus lots of blackberry and raspberry vines growing. Some of the blueberry bushes have been here for over 50-60 years.
  • Strawberries, when I was younger there was berry picking place that had not only strawberries but Blueberries, Blackberries, Boysenberries and Raspberries. That was awesome, the thorns were sharp on the blackberries though ouch :P
  • I do enjoy fruit-picking! My mom used to have a fig tree, and we used to go pick them when they were ready. There's something more delicious about hand-picked fruit... must be the satisfaction of it!
  • We go out and pick apples every fall. It's so relaxing and you get to make apple pie when you get home.
  • Cherries, melons and pears...
  • I like picking peaches and plums and eating while picking:)
  • ABsolutely. Nits are my favorite. They have such a sweetly sour flavor. . .
  • love apple picking, esp. the orchard i go to has a amazing view of a valley and mountains. Another classic (dont know if it is a fruit or not) is always pumpkin picking.
  • Strawberries because they are my very favorite fruit!

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