• Yes I believe that surroundings affect mood.
  • Definitely. There have been studies to show that the color of a room can affect people's moods.
  • Yes they do.
  • Yes I believe so. Not only the color, but I find that if I haven't picked up in awhile and my house is cluttered, my mind is more chaotic and less able to focus then when my surroundings are in order.
  • Absolutely. Colors have been shown to affect mood and personality, even things like cholesterol levels and energy. Fresh air and plants, odors from furniture or stale air can change how we feel. Negative ions compared to positive ions are known to affect working ability.
  • Yes, I've made note of it in fact.
  • Very much so. Striking colors can distract your concentration,small size room is unbearable can make you feel like a compressed air and small or ugly furnitures will make you feel uncomfortable again distracting your work and destroying your working mood.
  • Yes. How often do you feel cheerful at a funeral?Surroundings to affect our moods. When we are in a calm atmosphere we automatically absorb the vibes and calm down ourselves and in a tense situation even if we are not personally connected to the events we tend to feel tense.
  • Absolutely! A closed confined room with heavy furniture makes me feel clautrophobic! Even seasons have an affect on me!
  • for sure.....i like nice colors in well as circular rooms over box rooms......buzzing flourescent lights also suck!! they hurt the head~~

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