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  • I dunno. ^^ My bf has that kinda thing too and he just says "because it's hot".... O_o I dun get it either. But hope a guy does answer more than just that LOL! XD
  • Why do women fantasize about getting raped? or 2 men sucking each other? It's a fantasy. If you like snickers, and had a choice of having 2, would u want 2 instead of 1?
  • Because they are men..Men love sex in any form, and he has fantasies about joining in..If he feels that he wants to watch you with someone, what make you think he is not doing it with someone other than you..It opens other doors..
  • Only watching? Hmmm... I would think more like joining in, but pretty much because its hot.
  • Men are visual when it comes to sex so the fantasy of watching is quite common, it takes responsibility away from them, they don't have to 'do' anything yet they can enjoy the spectacle. Of course, if they get turned on if the fantasy comes true then they might want to join in too. Personally, I think fantasies should stay like that - just fantasies. When we act them out we risk unwelcome repercussions...
  • These answers are funny. I'm a guy and I don't fantasize about it.
  • Women are extremely sexy, and that is double the pleasure for them.
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  • Every quy loves to think about two women together, if they say they don't they are either lying to score points or they are total fags! Men like to see two women together because they want to see their woman getting pleasured and see how someone else turns on (and hopefully gets off) their woman. Men want to see if the woman is holding back on them and will unleash their wild side with someone else (because men are insecure, and think that their woman is holding back on them usually). Men want to see women together because it is perceived as safer for them to watch a woman get their girl off than another man. (yes, most men want to see their ladies get it from another man also and see how much the woman can take being pleasured by two). Also we secretly hope that the women will request that we join in having a fucking good time. However, we will settle just to see the women having fun while we jerk off. Bottom line we are all sick fucks that want to see our woman pleasured to the max cause it gets us off, we have secret fantasies of our woman being absolute sluts and whores in the bedroom. So make your man happy and just do it, and who knows you will probably like it more than straight sex with just one man. And yes, it is very normal for all guys to think like this.
  • I don't know. The more the merrier?
  • NOT ALL MEN FANTASIZE ABOTU SEEING 2 WOMEN. I fantasize abotu giving ym wife the mose pleasure she could ever have. if she thnking about it she gets it. Personaly i wont turn away from it but if she wants to do it again than great. btu it is only for her.
  • Because at that moment they think that is double pleasure for them and that those girls would want his penis. It is like they star in a porn.
  • There is nothing sexier in this world then a womens soft curvy body now times that by 2 and watch as they are enjoying each others bodies and you get a rough idea on why we love it ;)
  • Im female (completly straight) and i fantasize about watching 2 women...and being one of them. Its always the thing u want what you usually cant have.
  • Just was able to see this a few days ago and it was hot. To see my girl make it with another woman was a real turn on and she always wanted to try it. So it was a win win cause we both got what we wanted. REALLY HOT>>>>>
  • Well women are already uber (ive never used that word <_<;;) hot, why not put a bit of bad into the mix? XD
  • Well I don't know that all men do it. But I am guessing for those that do, they would rather only visualize women parts then men parts. Or in other words they don't want to have to see or compare to other men's junk.
  • Because they want to do a three some with two women
  • I guess cause girls are hot and watching 2 of them pleasuring each other, is like double the action? IDK I think it's totally wrong and all but i'm tempted by it...
  • Because men want women to like sex as much as they do... And if she is hot for her all the better.

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