• GO for it, but remember it requires pre med, med school, internship, residency and you must take other courses in order to be a plastic surgeon.
  • You may want to call around to see if you can get some contact hrs. or a mentorship at a surgeons office to see if that really interests you, before you start the schooling.
  • Only one suggestion, if you don't live in America, go there. It's the home of this pretentious culture.
  • How old are you? How far have you gotten? I am not a cosmetic surgeon, but I HAVE a cosmetic surgeon. (Lol. True.) For the sake of my answer, I will assume that you are in high school. A doctor friend told me once, the best bet for getting into med school was taking as much math and science as your high school (and then college) has to offer. After you are in med school, you will be exposed to the different specializations and they will court YOU.
  • --I know one. And be prepared for years of education. It takes not only an intelligent mind but also - artistic eye. And the most popular operation is breast implants which can be tiresome. So think about it.
  • My major is pre-med right now and I concidered Plastic Surgery for a while, then I started watching Dr. 90210 and I don't think I would be able to give people nose jobs, having to break the nose and all just gives me the creeps! But I might also be switching my major, because Me and Chemistry arn't getting along to well! So if your in high school try to do your best, soke up as much info as you can now so it won't be to challenging for you later!

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