• Not really, it's still in syndication on a few channels, so it be cheaper to watch it there.
  • I subscribe to the Stargate:SG1 club, every month i get two magazines full of facts and features, and two DVDs with three eps on each. This Costs just £15.98 (uk).I consider this to be money well spent, because not only do i gave great DVDs to watch over and over, i have a collectors file as well. But then i am a huge fan of the show and did collect all the star trek files this way too :=D
  • a dvd every new EPISODE? can you do that? but if you mean buy the seasons on dvd, hell yes it's worth it, i do it. and no, SG-1 is not still airing regularly. you can catch a few reruns on sci-fi but yu don't get a start, i came into it in season six and bought the dvds to see all of, and it's definitely worth it. Mastodon is Maestro-don, i dont like you

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