• I varies from state to state (or even county/borough) depending on the sales taxes. For instance, in New York City & it's surrounding boroughs cigarettes cost anywhere from 6 to 8 dollars. Different brands and stores also price their cigs differently. In Florida a pack goes for about 3 or 4 dollars ... again this can & will vary. Cigarettes sold by Native Americans on their land are not taxed & therefore are much less expensive. The overall price elasticity varies to greatly to give you one set answer. I suggest utilizing the internet ... it's sure to have the info you are searching for ... here's a start. Good luck!
  • I pay 4.99 for a buy one get one free pack of two, I'm in California. But some stores charge up to $6 each pack or more. But I heard they're phasing out the buy one get one free deals because of the government. :o( But before I discovered the buy one get ones I used to buy a carton(Marlboro or Camel) for @35 the cheapest(that's 10 packs) Here are the Camel and Marlboro sites: Marlboro(Phillip Morris): Camel(RJ Reynolds):
  • Most of the bigger brands cost over $5 a pack now.
  • Depends on the place your buying from. Seems like now brands like Camel, etc are between $4.50 and $5.00
  • i live in mass and all brands were about $5 but a few months ago they jumped up to about $6.50 on average..... its killing me
  • They vary from state to state, some states such as NYC are extremely expensive and the tobacco has been taxed half to death by the former Clinton administration. Here in my state, I smoke premium brand which right now is at about $4.79 a pack after taxes which is about $ 8.00 pounds right now I think? I buy the most expensive ones only because a pack of smokes will last me 3 + days, so... I feel bad for those that are truly addicted and have to either buy the shit brands that average about $2.50 per pack (about 5 or 6 pounds?)
  • short marlboro lights are about USD 3.25 a pack.

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