• YES!!! That was the central message of salvation. "Forgive others and God will forgive you" (Sermon on the Mount). I am so happy that someone is noticing what Jesus actually taught. There is more about this Original Kingdom Gospel on my biography... just click on my avatar. So yes, and Jesus even repeated that lesson on the cross when he said.... "Father forgive them... And St. Stephen repeated this lesson as he was being stoned to death. Yes, yes, this is the central message!
  • I think that even beyond that is the lesson of non-judgment. If you don't judge, there is nothing to forgive.
  • I'm pretty sure he's a Beatles fan. All you need is love.
  • yes and thanks for asking
  • It's very very very good. But He taught much more....He taught that the kingdom of God is within you. And that it can be experienced if thine eye be single....And that this truth will set you free...Simply put that if we stop looking at the outside world, and instead if we look within, we will experience that kingdom of God.....and Through meditation we can look within, beyond the mind and the incessant thoughts that we engage in, beyond the Ego, we will experience the oneness of God.

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