• That by playing pack man for a few hours a day, you will feel the urge to buy a dear rifle and go on a shooting spree. And that everyone who plays them, is a nerd with no life.
  • That we're bums who don't have jobs and play games at our house (aka our moms house) all day. I have a well-paying job and do not live with my mom, but I'll play the shit out some video games.
  • -Games cause bad influences towards those who play them, which is false, considering that humans have been violent long before video games came into existence. They're a scapegoat though, to point the finger at when young people go and freak out, which could, upon psychological elaboration, be properly blamed on parental neglect or abuse, and psychological disorders which would have driven them to do certain things whether they played video games or not. Among other things this shitty society doesn't want to look at. -Social regression. Actually in this case it may be true, thing is I believe video games only cater to someone's current social isolation rather than to create it. It doesn't HELP, but it certainly doesn't cause it. There are a LOT of gamers out there, and not all of them are hermits, far from it. -Intellectual ineptitude. Actually, besides expending and sharpening certain skills, like hand to eye coordination, patience or analysis, video games, especially modern ones, are actually wells of knowledge on just about ever subject. History, technology, various cultures, pas and present. Of course it's to be taken with a grain of salt, however they're certainly leads to something and anything that might spark an interest beyond the content of the game. As for me, I have a fucking built in compass in my brain after playing so many old role playing games where they didn't show a map on the screen, I'll never get lost anywhere, I don't even need to memorize street names; but I do it anyways. Also, flight simulators are often used to train future jet pilots. Games ruin your eyes. Too much of anything ruins everything of course. Don't play your games for like seven hours straight. But, it so happens that video games are good eye exercise, it keeps them active and healthy, unlike watching television where they just sit there and burn. Most games are good eye workouts, not only for the viewing properties but for movement as well. Games are not art. When compared to what? It's relative of course, to each, but video games certainly can be art in many ways. Won't get into that here though.
  • That they have no friends. I used to play video games constantly when I was younger and I had tons of friends. We would just all play video games together.
  • a common misconception - they do NOT influence us
  • That they influence us to be violent. I must have killed millions of people in video game form, but I back down from any fight. And that it is impossible for gamers to have a love life. Untrue. So is the idea that we have no friends!
  • If you are weak-minded, violent videos games take a social cognitive view of human aggression.

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