• There is nothing wrong with you. You have a condition called shy. Try this:
  • You just have to realize that girls arent these confident, perfect creatures. Theyve got insecurities and are easy to talk to as long as you make an effort. I know you might be going through all these scenerios in your head. You say something to them and they throw you some discusted look and never want to see you again. I honestly doubt that will happen, and if it does, thats probably not the kind of girl you want to be friends with in the first place. Just..RELAX. And be yourself. =) Best of luck.
  • I was in a similar boat. I was brought up thinking that if I looked a girl the wrong way I'd end up in hell or something. It got so that I couldn't talk to a female without blushing and stammering my words. Then, after a revelation, it hit me that women are humans. The only *real* differences being biological. As such, they *can* be buddies, just like your other mates and they can also be enemies, just like your other foes. After that, I struck out and made a few female friends. And I didn't die. I would have been less nervous putting my hand in a blender, but I realised it needed to be done.
  • you probably have social anxiety just like, and am exactly just like you, becuase when ever there is a girl around me i feel like i have to be outgoing and say something that will make her be my friend or just make me look intresting...but i tried something new that made my week when it came to faceing girls these couple of days i drank some alcohol with acouple of my buddies and all i can tell you is you will never feel so greatttt! in your life for that moment becuase u get so much confident to the point where u dont know or think how to talk to a girl so u just talk like who you really are from the inside. so while i was drunk i seen THREE(not ONE), sexy ass females chillin at the bus stop so i just walked right to them and had for the first time a non stop that i found very fun with these females, and all i can say is it aint bad like u think it is. just talk to a girl like you would to one of your boy---friends lol...but when i was back to normal it was the same again but no so severe. i can talk to girls jus little more easier then i used to and i feel like its progressing...!

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