• Have you ever watched "The Dog Whisperer"? Well, the main trouble with most of these dogs is that they need directed and controlled physical activity. If they don't get it, they act out from an excess of energy. That's probably the problem here. I've raised several teens to adulthood and I've found that if they have enough physical exercise they don't cause trouble like this. I'd suggest that for your son. He needs directed, disciplined exercise every day. I don't know what will work best for him. One of my teens swam with a swim team -- up to run and then swim at 4 AM, off to school, homework and then swim practice in the evening. This sort of regime creates a disciplined and physically and mentally fit child. Of course, that intense of a workout isn't for every child. Some ideas if he isn't into sports: Get him a job working outside even if you have to find it yourself. Cutting lawns and trimming weeds for a few hours every day works wonders. So does cutting wood. Garden work is also good. There are LOTS of organizations that welcome volunteer workers too. You know him best. Figure out something that he must do most days. It doesn't have to be 8 hours of work...but he needs to be TIRED, physically TIRED every day. Good luck.
  • He's probably bored and needs something useful to do. Of course, there's always one class clown too. Depends what the pranks are. If they are things like short-sheeting the bed, they are quite harmless but if they actually hurt other kids, it's a whole other matter. In these times of political correctness, even the most harmless prank or comment often leads to a huge kerfuffle.
  • I agree with LoriK1 - it seems like he needs something useful to do with his time. Joining a sports team at school is a great idea. I know it kept me busy in high school, and it also helped me meet new people. Also, make sure he's getting a balanced diet. If he's getting that, he will be more pleasant and probably will be less likely to act out. Make sure he's not getting too much sugar, because that could likely cause him to be unruly. Other than that, I'm sure he will grow out of it. Good luck!
  • There are army-type private schools for undisciplined kids. It's good for them.
  • boarding school.. there are some fairly good ones in the world where the caretaker knows his phsychology with troublesome kids. these boarding schools are also more "tollerant" to such behaviour as there is a reason to why they are there. I went to boarding school, although not one like just mentioned. Would go back any day in hindsight as it really does do one good.
  • Several things come to mind. He needs something productive to do with his mind and his hands. He's a smart kid, just unguided. The thing is, you are barely a hair away from losing all control over him. The lesson regarding consequences for his actions MUST be reinforced. If you spare him of this, it will come back to haunt BOTH of you. I strongly suggest a military-type academy or similar. Also, therapy needs to be introduced on (at least) a weekly basis to find out if he is rebelling for a specific reason. If those issues exist, it won't do any good no matter where you send him or what you do.
  • One of my FB friends resorted to a bootcamp. He got a few warnings. Then, he was woken up at 3AM and escorted to the camp. Guess it's important to check out the camp first.
  • just take away priviledges when he does that

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