• Im no docter but im sure the chances is verry slim for this to happen, pregnancy tests are not always accurate, but to put your mind @ ease take another pregnancy test!
  • First, are you POSITIVE that what you had was in fact a period? was the flow and color and length of bleeding consistant with your normal periods? If not then it could have been implantation bleeding. Secondly Yes, you could be pregnant and have a negative pregnancy test. (i had Four false results before i found out i was pregnant) Best advice i can offer is to see a doctor and ask for both a urine test (which is the same as the home pregnancy tests you buy at drugstores) and then insist on a blood test.
  • everything is possible. see a doctor for a positive confirmation if you are or not.
  • Yes you can. I had periods for 2 months after I was pregnant.
  • Fraud so!
    • Vittorio 'Sam' Manunta-Lowell
      Afraid so
  • 11-8-2006 Yes.
  • anything is possible, my mother had her period for 4 months while she was pregnant with my brother

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