• Disagree. You do realize questions like this usually end up in a written WW3, right?
  • i'm pro-choice. EDIT: i got downrated for this answer so i figured i would clear things up. i am pro choice, but i don't necessarily agree with a woman's decision to terminate her pregnancy.
  • Absolutly disagree. Abrotion is leagle murder.
  • i'm 46, a medical school professor with an adopted daughter who could easily have been aborted. every night, i count my lucky stars that she wasn't aborted but rather given to me for adoption! on the other hand, i always have believed in a woman's right to choose. i am deeply stirred by this issue, in both directions, and, now, i can't provide an answer, whereas, 8 years ago, i could have offered you a definitive response. if we listen to each other and respect others' opinions, this doesn't have to turn into ww3.
  • Disagree, if you don't want a baby.. keep your legs closed. It's not difficult. When the pregnancy is the product of rape, it's a little more complicated.. and I think the person should have the right to decide.
  • Disagree. Not my problem is any woman want to perform one in her body. My 2 cents.
  • i agree with it, only because the general public that "disagrees" with it has proven itself to be ignorant and i cant be with that crowd... these "pro-lifers" sold their souls when they voted for capital punishment, u are either pro-life or you're not...if u dont want to murder babies, then dont murder criminals. Its that simple.
  • Disagree, however there are situations in life where i thought you had to do what you had to do..i had an adoption in september, by the time i regret it i was already asleep THE WORST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE. Please protect urself if you dont want a baby. dont murder an innocent child...
  • I don't believe it should be used as a birth control method but it is a womans body to do with as she chooses.
  • I'm personally against it--for MYSELF. I would never ever terminate a pregnancy, regardless of how it happened. People often don't believe me when I say that, but even in the event that the pregnancy was a result of rape, I would absolutely never do that to my child. I'm stubborn enough to stick to my guns, too. HOWEVER, I am PRO-CHOICE overall, because I don't believe that I have the right to tell a woman that she needs to have a baby she doesn't want. I believe that each woman should get to make the choice.
  • I absolutely disagree with it. There are some instances when it will be up to ME and MY MAKER to hammer out the details in a situation like that. Not you, not an anti-abortionist, not a pro-lifer, not Roe, not Wade, not anybody. If you DR me, I will have your ass handed to you on a plate, courtesy of an AB Community Leader. They CAN and DO trace DR's.
  • I disagree with abortion but I am equally opposed to telling someone else what they can do with their body yo...
  • I can't say an absolutely yes or no. It's not that black and white an issue. Incest with father or brother - Yes. Maybe some other instances - need to take each instance by itself. In general - no abortion. There are lots of people who would love to adopt a child and can't find one because of abortion and because single women keep the child to raise now days.
  • Having answered this question before, I refer you to this link: Induced abortion for convenience is murder. Therefore I do not agree with it for this purpose.
  • +1 because this is such a repeat question. I agree with abortion. People make mistakes.
  • Disagree.
  • What irks me on the subject is people on either side of the fence, completely oblivious to how the women feels, and try to make all her decisions for her. Not because they care but because they want to be right. If this subject had an absolute answer, then people wouldn't argue about it so much. I don't have an opinion. People can say keep your legs closed and don't have babies, but everyone makes mistakes and I'm sure many who argue against it have made some just as much. Just as all the for abortion people will start condemning the against abortion crowd by accusing them of eating omelets. I don't know how to end this. I guess being indifferent is the worse of all, ha ha. Downrate away. :)
  • When it comes to abortion the bottom line is whether or not there is life after conception. I absolutely believe that there is. So abortion is the stopping of a life ie murder, and therefore, I am against it. I have heard too many stories of nurses taking garbage bags out and finding half alive babies moving about in them. Abortion is a very sick business indeed. I can`t for the life of me believe anyone can watch a live abortion being performed and still be for it. We live in a very sick world.
  • AGREE 100%! I dont think its fair to make someone have a baby who does not want to...and most likely that baby will not be born into a loving home or safe enviornment.
  • i would never have one but theres no way to stop others from doing it
  • Neither. It's a complex issue with no one shoe fits all answer. Some cases require abortion in other cases it's "inconvenience". There needs to be better legal guidance on the matter.

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