• I was told it is better to work out in the morning and you can burn more fat if you work out before eating breakfast.
  • I heard it is best to work out in the morning. It sets your matabolism for the day, engergizes you, and helps you to think. I also heard that if you exercise too late at night, it can impact your quality of sleep. I work out at lunch because it is the only time I have and it works out for me. No pun intended.
  • Just go! Different people find benefit in different time routines, but the most important thing is you are going. Congratulations, you will have a better quality life for your efforts.
  • Morning exercise works best for me if it's heavy. If it's something light (walking, swimming) I like it in the evening as it helps me wind down from the day and sleep better.
  • I know a lot of sources say it is best to go early in the morning, but I think it is different for everyone. The important thing is that you are going period. Try both and see what your body best responds to, and what fits naturally into your schedule. Since you are in college, your day to day routine might not be the same, so you may even find yourself going some days in the morning and other days in the evening.
  • Working out in the morning can go two ways. It will either be a wakeup call for you or make you so tired for the remainder of your classes. This is a tough call. Everyone is different and you will just have to go with trial and error.
  • in the morning so u wont have to worry about it in the evening lol
  • Whenever you feel more energetic. Some people have more energy in the mornings and others at night, so it`s up to you.
  • This ultimately depends on you. You should go when you can be most consistent. If you plan on working out every day before school, but find yourself often skipping your workout due to a time crunch, then morning is not good for you.
  • In the morning before breakfast.
  • Cardiovascular exercise done in the morning before breakfast ensures that you have reduced carbohydrate stores, so you will burn more body fat. It jump starts your daily metabolism to burn calories throughout the day and gets the workout out of the way. (Studies show that morning exercisers are more consistent as they don't 'cancel' from getting busy later in the day.) Lastly, exercising in the morning will not affect your natural circadian rhythm. Weight training should be done following at least a small balanced meal and 8 oz. water intake (within one hour prior to your session). Your muscles need water protein and carbs to work optimally. They also need a post workout snack for repair. Muscle isn't built in the's built in the days after. That being said, any exercise is better than none at all. So if you have timing constraints, just fit it in when you can. I work out at different times on different days!
  • When you find the time to work out. Even alternating between mornings and evenings will work. If you go to 24-hour Fitness, you could even go in the middle of the night, as I occasionally do.
  • You should go when you feel the best!!! if you are a morning person, then I encourage you to start the day with it.. If you are a night person, then well .. you may not be as consistent early in the am. Consistency is the key!!!
  • It totally depends on your lifestyle..I prefer to train in the mornings becasue in the evening its easier to put long as you participate I don't think it really matters :D
  • probably in the morning cause then the exercise might keep you up at night

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