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  • Easy....don't wear much and don't invite anyone else! That's always the kind of party I enjoy.
  • If you know his fantasy, act it out the first night he is home. If you don't know his deepest fantasy put on something sexy and let him know exactly what he missed while he was gone.
  • invite a lot of really attractive females (you included if ur female) to welcome him home, listen to his every word and make him feel like he's worth their time to actually welcome him home....he'll feel so important and get worked up that the 'after party' will be the best yet...wink wink
  • My husband was tasked over last valentines day so upon his return I had our whole house illuminated with candles and had his favorite dinner waiting on the table and I (dressed very provocatively) waiting in the bedroom.
  • Amen to not wearing much, a see through with nothing underneath. Also, you might want to have a bottle of champane sitting in an ice bowl, blow-up a bunch of condoms and kinda scatter them around. Put some unused condoms laying around the wine bowl, soft sexy music dim lights, don't forget to have his steak dinner cooked and ready to eat. Digest that with the wine and forplay, make sure your nest is sweet smelling with perfume. That's a good starter.

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