• Enjoy the relative peace and quiet of campus while you are there. ;-)
  • First, good for you! It takes a brave soul to return to college with three children. Expect a big generation gap. just roll with the punches and you will be just fine. And, keep helps.
  • Sign up for one extra class each semester and then drop the worst one before the last day to drop w/o financial penality. I did this every semester and it really helped. Some professors make classes way more difficult than others. Also don't give up mid semester. Burn out happens but stick with it. Even a C will work. Good for you to take on such a challenge.
  • just enjoy
  • Tjoe congrats you did it sooner than me. I just completed my associates degree in May about 2 weeks before my 46th Birthday. I am starting my Junior year in September at Temple University here in Philly and am looking forward to graduating with my Bachelors degree in less than 2 years. Don't let anyone or anything convince you that you can't do it. If you want this bad enough you will find a way to make it work.
  • This isn't so much as advice but here goes.... YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!! I'm always happy to hear about someone wanting to further their education and you've made me very happy! I'm in college now, so my experience is study your butt off, don't let the drama get to you personally and remember who you're doing it all for.
  • Yes, tj I do. If you have the motivation you can certainly do just fine in college. As you probably already know, there will be alot of people your age with children at the college. So, you won't be alone. Good luck!
  • I'm going back to school sometimes in the fall or next year.. spring. I've got two kids.. and am nervous too!! Good luck to you!
  • Congratulations! You are a living example to many people! I admire personally you.
  • Congrats, Do what you feel is right, and if you ever want to talk I am here for you :-D
  • GO FOR IT. You can do anything when you put your mind to it. And YOU will get it done. GO tj GO tj!!!
  • Chill Dude...!!! Try to make the most out of it when you get back to college.. You know whats best for yourself.. and only you yourself can make it happen.. All the Best
  • Anything new can make you feel nervous, but exciting too. Enjoy, a new chapter in your life.
  • bravo and congratulations...the first step is the hardest...youll do fine blessings
  • you have already graduated from hardknocks U so this will be a breeze Tj, be true to yourself and don't overload the class schedual
  • My mom did it in her 40's with three kids and still managed to graduate with high honors. You can do it too! You won't regret it...go TJoe!
  • I'm sure you'll do great. :D
  • A little late I guess plus your not single, so you'll have to find moms your age
  • I say "FANTASTIC"! I tried, (come to think of it, at about the same age, with the same number of kids!LoL), and couldn't do it. It didn't help that I was trying for a degree in the medical field, (which is VERY hard), and had a baby son who absolutely suffered thru the worst case of "cholic" for 10 months, in the history of babies! For the 1st 10 months, my poor son NEVER slept more than 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours at a time! After the 3rd month, all the doctors kept telling us "it'll end any day now". Yeah, right! I couldn't do it, and work my 50 hour a week job, also. But, I'll be pulling for ya to make it, and be successful in whichever field you choose! Stick with it, and gut it out! Good luck, T.J.!
  • You will do fine, I went back to college several years ago while dealing with my hubby undergoing cancer treatment, it was hard, but I had to do it and did fine . As people become older, no matter what the circumstances are, you are more apt to learn, because you want to better yourself and are far more able to focus on your studies as compared to a youngster who's fresh out of high school, alot of students go to college with the wrong ideas, hey a place to party and meet guys and girls. For older students, that is the last thing on their minds,lol.

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