• And proud......
  • They are grown now, so some of the choices they make don't make me happy, but it's their live..Other than that, Im happy I have them:)
  • I wouldn't go so far as to say 'they' make me happy, but watching them navigate through life has made me happy. I am a grandmother now, with five grandchildren.
  • Its funny to me that you have your kids and you love them so much and in so many ways they can make you happier than you could ever imagine and then they have the power to break your heart more than anyone. I guess its the people you love the most that can hurt you the most. YES my girls and their children make me extremely happy. :)
  • everyday and in every way - she is still very young, but is just awesome
  • They make me laugh everyday..Ecspecially this little shit:)
  • oh yes, they make me happy! they are little suns. there are so many things to learn from them. they're both wonderful!!!! and thank you for your question, it makes me smile :-)
  • My kids are approaching middle age. And yes, they have given me my share of heartaches, but they have also made me very happy.
  • Yes my kids make me really happy, they are wonderful people.:-)+
  • Yes, I'm happy with who my kids are. They have strong values and live them. They're good people - loving, fun and accountable. It's always a source of joy to me.

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