• Cause thats there job;) One of the local stores here does it all the time you don't have a choice they load your groceries right on there cart and they push them out;)!! They don't want the shopping carts all over the place;)!!
  • It was my first "real job"... The grocery I worked at called this position "Courtesy Clerk"... This is essentially a really euphemistic term. It was more like "Customer Biatch" LOL... Running around like crazy, lugging groceries... I should have worn a pedometer back then. But I was 16 and had a great attitude and was rightfully promoted to the Big Big world of cashiering there. I was shopping there today, actually. AND recognized by someone I used to work with. Amazing, as it's been several years. I never hesitate to pack my own groceries (I am an expert - LOL!), and I feel much more comfortable bringing them out to the car myself. The Courtesy Clerk looked awfully relieved when I grabbed my three bags from him today :)
  • Where we usually shop they load them in a cart after bagging and ask if you want to drive up. You drive up to a loading area and they load them into your car. If you want to push the cart out to your car yourself, that's fine also. No offer to do anything like you quesion describes. Another store puts them on a cart and doesn't give you a choice, they push the cart to your car. If you have only a small bag you may carry it yourself. We don't tip them at either store, so...... I don't know. Liability? Carts back into the store???
  • I go to 6 different markets. With the exception of one, at one time or another, all of them have baggers. No one - male or female - ever offered to carry my bags to the car. Not even when it was obvious I would like having someone carry my bags. In fact, until I read your Q, the thought never occurred to me or crossed my mind. Let me "guess" what's NOT going on: 1) Although I feel like I'm about 24, I know I'm not. I'm a little more mature than that - (61 years young AND counting!) 2) I'm NOT an Adonis. I'm FAR from being handsome. In fact the best part about me is my ability NOT to be bashful, my honesty and pretty good personality. 3) I'm not in the greatest shape. As far as I'm concerned, with the exception of the diet I'm on, there isn't anything I would do about any of my physical features. I could go through plastic surgery and lyposuction/stomach stapled, BUT I'm happy being who I am AND with the way I look. On the other hand, there's Y-O-U - YOU! ONLY one answer needed: You ARE absolutely beautiful! I'm willing to bet every one of those baggers was a young guy who would just LOVE to be mistaken for your s/o - even if it was for that short walk to your vehicle! AND I'm willing to go a little further: If you allowed any one of them to carry your bags, he would ask you out OR give you his number! As far as asking for your number, I'll let that decision be up to your better judgment. Thanks for asking your Q! I enjoyed answering it! VTY, Ron Berue Yes, that is my real last name! Sources: Some personal observations and opinions. "THE University of Hard Knocks" Also known as ("a/k/a") "life's valuable lessons".
  • Part of the reason is that they work less when they are walking back and forth to the car, especially if they have a slow customer like me. The longer they can take walking, the less time they have to do the hard stuff, like putting the groceries in the bags.
  • I work at a grocery store and the "baggers" are sooo lazy. They all hate bagging and will try to find other things to do, like helping someone out with their groceries. It will stall them a couple of minutes of not having to bag.
  • I am a bagger for a small grocery store, i was just reading the comments and its funny cause all of it is true. i been bagging for 2 years and i try to get out of everything, when i do take bags out im begging for at least a $1 tip or more in my head. Its just annoying to see the same people over and over, that i get lazy with it.
  • When I was a bagger, taking people out to their cars gave me a few moments away from bagging or stocking. It got me out of the store into the weather - when it was nice, it was nice... Even when it was bad, it was nice to get out - giving me a chance to stretch a bit. It was also fun to see the types of vehicles people drove. In some places, they may also expect a tip, though most stores would probably not like if they accepted them.
  • They do this at the (military) commisary. I don't like it. I try to avoid even letting them bag my stuff.
  • Are you kidding. Here they don't even want to bag your groceries. I will see them standing there talking to the cashier. A customer walks up and they suddenly have something else to do. I want to live where you live. Here they just throw it all in a bag: milk with eggs and bread, etc.
  • The baggers here don't carry any of the customer's groceries.
  • never seen that happen here ......we use trolleys so we dont need help the start of covid ,we had to bag all our own groceries and whew!! that was a real work out for me considering i shop fortnightly and the trolly is full as lol ....... in Aldi , you always have to bag ya own groceries ,thats ok for a few things but id hate to do that when you have a huge amount of groceries .. ps..the check out chic puts all ya groceries in your own bags you bring from home or ya can buy new ones at the time you shop ..
  • Yeah, back when this question was written. When I was pregnant the man at Western wouldn't let me push them out! But not so much nowadays, though strangers have asked me if I need help bagging up for myself at Aldi.
  • It's actually a relief, a break, from bagging (unless it's pouring rain or something). Yeah, I always enjoyed taking the groceries out.
  • they expect a tip for their service

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