• that's a great time to sneak off and take a nap!
  • Re-invent yourself and show them what they're missing.
  • That is when it is time to call in old debts...
  • It depends on who you think everyone is, for it could mean all those that are important to you or you know, or just everyone who may or may not know you that well. If you don't intend on amping up your reputation, you could forget about them!
  • How do you know that is true? What if you don't worry about how others think about you and you make certain you don't forget about them? :)
  • Reinvent yourself! Learn new things, get some hobbies (or renew old ones) and get out and make some new friends. Celebrities reinvent themselves all the time when they start to be forgotten.
  • Some good answers here already and commented on a couple of them. Will add this: it's hard to tell from the question just what is going on, but it sounds like you or yours are lonely or feeling like no one cares? (1) For the people you think have forgotten you, why not talk with them and see where things are vs assuming where they are. Make decisions from there on who you want in your life - who's there for you (with or without their own challenges at the moment) - and who perhaps you're best without anyway. (2) For your own day to day of it? Maybe take a look at who you are - your own values, lifestyle, interests, personality - and craft out the "sort of life" you want. Then live it! Activities. Interests. Relationships - close & acquaintances. (All have a place) That way, you can spend your precious life energy on "the cup is half full" moments and attract "similar type people" in your life .. vs "cup is half empty". Did any of that make sense or did I just muddy it all up in how I tried to get it written down? lol
  • Get on AB and watch the hours fly by
  • I always feel that everyone has forgotten me.. It is a part of my insecure personality. I just carry on in my own way, I do not like to push myself on people.
  • Get your mojo back and make them realize what they are missing, and once their back. Forget them. And go find some friends who dont need to constantly be awed in order to remember who you are...
  • Play some Playstion 3.
  • Have a smoke, and say " well this sucks" that is kind of the way my life is right now. I made a couple dumb decisions, and everyone either blew me off, of forgot I exist, except for my GF and one buddy.
  • As long as I remember me and God remembers me its great when the rest forget my existence. leaves me at peace to do what I want the way I want without any interferences.
  • It don't really bother me so long I have AB and other social networking sites
  • rock the west coast, and let everyone know Im here dammit! LMAO :D

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