• I don't get bored. I always have about 10-20 thoughts competing for attention in my head. Sometimes its difficult to focus. Actually I don't understand how anyone with almost all the information, music, games, video, etc in the world at their fingertips can possibly get bored! When we were kids we'd make up games and play with neighbors, ride bikes, walk around town and talk. You could get a yo-yo and become and expert with it. You could read a book, write a book, write a poem, or song. You could research your family history, learn to play a musical instrument, learn a second/third language, train for a marathon, walkathon, or bookathon, volunteer at your local food bank or homeless shelter or the salvation army, red cross, or become a candy striper. Be a big brother/sister, be a mentor at your local school, help someone learn to read, read to people in nursing homes, or children at Children's hospital. Make something for them or bring them crayons. Adopt a child through compassion international or help the fistula patients in Africa or the rape victims of the Congo. Bake cookies for your neighbor, or make them a drink cozy or cut their grass along with yours. Discover the unification theory or the cause of photoluminescence, or the cure for dimentia, obesity, or wrinkles! The sky is the limit with the information you have!
  • I really can't tell with the monotony.
  • i go online
  • Housework (there's no end of that), gardening (there's no end of that), there's always things to do.

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