• Rent increase and termites.
  • I moved to a bigger house, because I got a better job, and I was sick of where I was.
  • My husband built a house for us. So we moved here.. we're moving again in about 2 years. We've been here about 2 years. I miss my old house.. it was smaller, but had a nice fenced in backyard.
  • running out of space in the old house
  • I sold my house after I retired to sorta give myself a push/force me to start a new life somehow..still working on that part. :)
  • Because losing someone in a wreck, changed everything in my life.
  • because the amount of work i was getting was decreasing... turns out that some was better than none!
  • Moved to a new state for a new job
  • Moved in March 22 of this year. We purchased a home a couple of blocks from my folks a couple of years ago, the home next door to theirs came on the market, so we figured what the hell. It's about 500 sf larger and had a pool. My children will go to all the same schools as me and look how I turned out! :D Our previous home is still on the market, wanna buy it?
  • About three years ago now. We had a baby in a one bedroom apartment and needed more space.
  • I have never moved. I have lived in this house every single day of my life and Im tired of it..We bought it from my mom when we got married and moved in, 2 weeks later she moved out and that was that..I would Love to move, to have a new start, or just a start, you know? Im living in the past everyday, it's hard sometimes. I would even move alone, but I can't.
  • The last two times we have moved it was because of Hubby's company. The first time was when they hired him to work in Ventura, and we lived in San Diego. They paid moving expenses, and helped with the closing costs on the sale of our former house, and the purchase of our next house. The second time, the company relocated their headquarters to Sacramento, and moved us again, with the same arrangements as before. We have been in this house now for 13 years.
  • I rented a room from a co-worker. I didn't know she was living with an abuser, not only towards her but her two boys as well. I kept trying to tell her she could do better and throw him out, but she had zero self-confidence. If he started any crap while I was home, I stopped him. But one day she and I were both at work, and when we got home he had beat up the older boy. I told her if she didn't get rid of him and call the police, I would move out. Well, she called the man's father instead, who convinced her to let him stay! (Because the father didn't want the fool in HIS house!) So I found another place to live and moved the heck out of that madhouse. A year later the jerk died of cancer.
  • I rented a house a year ago.. and the owner kept bugging me even for the slightest matter.. so finally moved out for good..
  • We bought this house 8 years ago as we lived in a rented flat and it wasnt big enough.
  • 6 years ago.. i'm seventeen at the moment, i moved because my mother fell in love with a guy in an other town. (my parents were allready divorced ofcourse) we moved about 75 miles.. and i 'm actually really happy my mother made that choice by then.. We are happy here.
  • In a word ... UPGRADE! (The indoor pool was the clincher.)
  • got an eviction husband left me with all the bills and now having a hard time finding a nice place to live. Waring! never ever get an eviction if you can help it! never!
  • SLUMLORD and space.
  • D-I-V-O-R-C-E
  • I left Hawaii for the mainland. The Army moves me about every three years. Like it or not. It was tough leaving Hawaii. :(
  • Hubby's company transferred him. They paid for the moving expenses, the sale costs of our former home, the purchase expenses of the new home and a substantial moving bonus.
  • We had purchased a bank repo, and every single week, something else broke or started leaking. It was structurally sound, just alot of cosmetic stuff as it was empty for almost a year. So, we sold it and built a new one.
  • I moved because my mother had passed away and I inherited her home in town ..... so I sold mine.

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