• I am now overweight like my mother. My mom has been overweight all her life. It took me until 43 to accomplish what she did in her early 20's.
  • If I turn into my mother that would be bad. I'd have to completely jump genders! :)
  • It's a very good thing. I am getting more practical and I keep my place cleaner. I am beginning to reject men who don't clean up after themselves.
  • I sound like her when I yell....all high pitched. I try to control it, but when you're mad you don't think about how you sound. I remember how it got on my nerves when I was a teenager and now I do it.
  • I would be very honored if people thought I was like my mom.
  • I find myself saying things to my kids that my mom use to say to me... "I'm going to count to 3..." "Money doesn't grow on trees." And of course: "Because I said so." Mirror mirror on the wall, I am my mother after all...
  • It almost feels inevitable physically & mentally! For better or worse ....and even on occasion I've just heard her voice or laugh and I get quite startled and almost expect to turn around and see her standing there. Except that it's actually come from my mouth :)
  • When I look in the mirror I often see my mom staring back at me. Sometimes it's a bad thing, sometimes a good thing! It depends on whether I have been behaving myself as she would have wanted. And--I am getting close to 60. So, it never ends.Your mom is always with you.
  • we both cant handle people who are angry at us, and we both find it difficult to say no to others. i dont think that is good, but it is hard to change it. i have been trying for some years now.
  • I look a lot like her..that's about it. I am my father's child and much of who I am comes from him, his attitude, his outlook, his optimism, his desire to help others. My mother was very creative..I am not. My mother's love came with strings...mine does not. My mother was always somewhat unhappy..I am not. My mother felt she deserved a much better life than she led..I am grateful for every moment of my life. :)
  • My mom doesn't know how to say no to loved ones, and I can be the same way. Not as bad as she is, yet.
  • when im yelling at my bf i realize that i sound just like the way she bitches at my dad...and that scares the shit out of me!
  • It would be an honour if I were to be like my mother
  • Other than being cursed with her fat genes and drab hair color, I'd say nothing else. I'm really...really...not turning into my mother.
  • Love the answers honoring mothers. I love mine and I am seeing me develop some of her good traits, while growing empathy for some of her bad ones (cause they're in me too!). Either way, it's beneficial for me.
  • I would love to turn into my mother, personality wise. I do see her in me as the years go by, physcially though, as my butt is going down as are a dozen other parts of my body. I can see my butt looking like my grandmother's in NO time:(
  • It doesnt help that I look like her, but I'm begining to give out motherly lectures like her and have caught myself chimming in when she gives one to my brothers. I baby my friends (cook, clean, take care of themif they are dick or drunk) and find it hard to say no and end up putting alot of pressure on myself. By the age of 14 I was "mothering" kids older then me and was called "The nurse" or " Little Mama"...maybe, since I've gone through that (terrible) phase I'll start acting like a teenager?
  • I am spending more and more time in the kitchen just like her.Also, unfortunately, my thighs have started looking like hers.Sometimes, I find myself chiding my kids in almost the same words she used on us.
  • To be completely honest, if I started resembling her in any way, I would throw myself off a bridge!

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