• i'm pretty sure they take like 4-8 weeks to grow back
  • i just did this a few months ago. it hurts like hell!!! but yes they will grow back in about 2 months!
  • Uhm...I wore individual fake lashes for my wedding at the end of April. There was so much glue adhering the fake lashes to my natural lashes that when I pulled them off, they broke my natural lashes close to the roots. I shouldn't have attempted to pull them off without taking a warm shower first or using some sort of eyelash remover but I did it anyway. It has been a full 6 months and my lashes do not appear to have grown AT ALL. What is up with that?! I know with certainty that lashes fall off and grow at a natural rate but 6 months is a little long and I'm getting concerned.
  • I know it's not a laughing matter, but one time I was way over the blood alcohol limit while lighting a cigarette and burned a good amount of my eye lashes off. It was a few (3-4) weeks for them to fully grow back, so I'm guessing 10-12 for pulling them out.
  • same experience here. i've accidentally pulled out a clump of eye-lashes ( maybe 12 of them ) ... with an eye lash curler too. That's 6 hours ago... i am freaking out. Thank God, i've read your comments. so, 2 to 6 months month will be my oath taking as a nurse. i hope it will grow back faster. --pat
  • OMG I had eyelash extensions done and I pulled them out (VERY STUPID OF ME) because they were bothering me. Thank God it takes 2 months for eyelashes to grow back. I was close to tears! xx

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