• Lay off the Ganja!!!
  • Try eating more blueberries, drinking more water, and repeating (out loud) things you need to remember. Assuming you aren't taking any medications that affect memory, kidney difficulties can cause short term memory difficulties. Blueberries have been proven to improve short-term memory. Repeating things out loud reinforces connections in the brain and helps retain and retrieve information. If none of that works, start writing stuff down on a notepad :)
  • LMAO, did you take that question from the comment I wrote about what you hate about yourself and make it a question on AB? Good idea! I guess I should stop asking questions on comments and save them for AB questions, huh? See, I am learning, oh Great President of Sillyville!
  • It could be harmless. It could be that you're simply getting older.. I don't know how old you are, but many elder people can often remember weird details from their childhood, but not what they did yesterday (and in extreme cases, whom they're married to :S )
  • What was the question?

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