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  • I have no idea.......but CONGRATS ROCKER GIRL!!! :) :) :)
  • I bought a tee shirt that says "the rumors are true...I am expecting" then wore it when he got home.
  • Let him read this post, congrads!!!!
  • Throw him a father's day dinner/party.
  • Hubby. I'm pregnant!
  • Congratulations! I'm very happy for you! :D
  • Jump up and down and try not to scream too loud! Congratulations!
  • Have him open a present - a bib that says "I love my Daddy!" (Wanted to do that for my hubby... but couldn't keep my mouth shut that long. ^_^) By the by... get yourself a whiffle ball bat now - to beat off the Pregnancy Police with all their unwanted (and sometimes downright psychotic) advice. You've been warned. Congrats on the youngling!! ^_^
  • I have some pregnant.
  • Then whats the best way to tell him that he's NOT the father.................
  • Mazal Tov! I found out a friend of mine's wife is expecting when he posted a pic of an ultrasound... In a story I'm in the process of writing, a rock star springs her pregnancy on her parents as well as the rest of her fans by doing a short duet with her husband: (He) The day I married her was the greatest of my life but now I'm not quite sure that's so. The doctor called the other day, asking for my wife and as she spoke, I saw her brow furrow. (She) I hung up the phone and he asked if I'm okay, and wondered what the doctor had to say. I told him "Thee and Me, together We... "And baby makes three."
  • Congrats! Buy a maternity outfit and put it on, he may or may not notice its a little big on the stomach (you know men sometimes) wait until he asks then tell him you expect to fill it out real soon.... or set the table for dinner and include a place setting for a baby from tiffanys.... or put a baby carseat in the car.... I dont know.. lame all lame... sorry :)
  • Buy a pregnancy test kit. Then when the two of you are alone, show him the results - with the directions. I can almost promise you: YOU WILL blow his mind! Congratulations, Mommy . . . AND Daddy! Very Truly Yours, Ron Berue Yes, that is my real last name!
  • I took him out to dinner and had the waiter put one blue candle and one pink candle in his dessert.
  • Singing telegram
  • My wife told me with our first, when I was at work, in the hot blazing sun, "I just took a test." That's all I needed to hear, I knew what it was going to be after she said that and I was stoked the rest of the day at work.
  • I would have fun with it.. Just make sure not to tell anyone before him because they can ruin it... Bake a cake & write daddy on it, or when he gets off work say.. hey daddy how was your day.. if he doesnt get it by the time you guys go to bed, just tell him.
  • ask him "are u pregnant? :|" when he says "no :| are you? or why? :|" say "CUZ I AM! YAYYYYYY!" are u pregnant? :|
  • Can I say "Congradulations"
  • Ok, your just testing the water, I told my husband by asking for a hot curry, then he knew
  • Keep setting the table for three yo...;)
  • I found out I was pregnant 1 day before my husbands birthday I wraped the pregnantcy teat in a gift box and gave it to him boy was he SUPRIZED but in a good way we wanted it. the second and third time we where planning them and we got the tests together and so their was not suprize to them.
  • if you and your husband are exited about having a baby and have talked about it in the past it dosen't matter about how you tell him, and if you want it to be memorable just remember i doubt he'd ever forget the time he became a father for the first time or second or whatever time it is for the 2 of you.
  • How about a repeat performance of the scene that resulted in the pregnancy? That'd do it for me!
  • Well! just ask him to start buying diapers. Or You can tell him that someone is coming soon to call him daddy.
  • Before my hubby and I found out he had no swimmers, I always imagined wrapping up a pair of little shoes or one of those moniters where they can listen to the heartbeat and then telling him I bought him a present and then just giving it to him.

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