• I don't believe so, for a number of reasons, including: 1)homosexuals weren't brought to the country in chains and treated as property until the fairly recent past 2)homosexuals generally don't have laws specifically prohibiting them from certain acts and depriving them of certain rights 3)homosexuals are not as generally easy to identify (and descriminate against) by sight. 4)homosexuals are generally deprived of rights based on moral concerns not biological conditions The list goes on. But I feel that blacks probably had a tougher time of it. And despite the progress they've made, sometimes seem to be their own worst enemy.
  • I don't think so, honestly. I'll qualify this with: I'm neither black nor gay. It's a shocker, I know. But back to it. Gays are discriminated against, but they really aren't discriminated against that much. Cops don't plant drugs on them, people don't nervously eye them at the airports, they haven't suffered, they are allowed to vote, they don't get fired from jobs, and they have the same earning potential as their straight counterparts. So no, I don't think so. Before the haters come, this doesn't mean I think gays have an easy ride. Bible beaters do hate gays. To be fair, though, Bible beaters hate me too.
  • In a way it is, because the discrimination they face is similar. Circumstances in which they came are different but the fight is the same.
  • No, PINK is. ❁❁❁❁❁❁❁❁❁❁❁❁❁❁❁❁❁❁❁❁❁❁❁❁❁❁❁❁❁❁ This is a cute question. (I don't like seeing people as a color or as sexual preference.)
  • No blue is !
  • I believe so.
  • Yeah just like 30 is the new 20. Your nobody unless you know a gay/lesbian or if yourself are one. Atleast in the ATL that is. The San Fran of the east.
  • Another question. Is middle aged white male American the new black?
  • no. both groups have been discriminated against and wronged by society, but generally for different reasons. gay people have been killed for being gay, and black people have been killed for being black. both groups have societies that hate them, even today. however, gays never have and never will suffer the horrors of slavery, or many other trials that African-Americans have experienced.
  • I don't think so, black people have been highly mistreated and discriminated and are to this day. Gays have a much easier life in society. Regards.
  • I think your question is backwards saramonster. The first record that I can think of a state sponsoring murder based on sexuality is Lev 18:22-23, Lev 20:13. Moses wrote those uplifting words of wisdom contained in those two verses around 1500 BC. While we didn't have the laws known as jim crow we had various laws in Europe and the US. beginning 1500 years ago with the last installments DOMA & DADT. The purpose of these kind of laws weather against Blacks,Jews or Gays is to maintain the comfort level of the stupidest of the majority. I didn't write this to belittle the horrendous way Blacks were and are being treated to the present day. I wrote this to counter the notion that this Gay rights movement is some kind of fashion statement to be worn for awile then to gather dust in the closet along with your bell bottoms and pet rock.

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