• Thats life, we dont tend to praise people for being "good". ShouldI expect to have someone say well done for never commiting a crime? Why is it so great NEVER to have had a drink anyway?
  • Some people just care about other people. When a person who has been using makes an honest attempt at recovery it does the person trying a world of good to know they are making progress. Addicts don't expect perfection, nor should anyone expect perfection from the addict. But progress is key. Clean/sober-time is celebrated in the 12 step programs. Everyday clean is a successful day. For many addicts/alcoholics just getting through one day clean is a miracle. Everyday clean and sober is a miracle and when the person is commended for that accomplishment it is that much more incentive to go on. Even though everyday clean is its own reward, a pat on the back is always appreciated by the user.
  • Because it's a difficult thing to do and a great accomplishment. Why would you assume they don't care about others they're much more likely to now that they're sober than they did when they were using.
  • ive wondered the same thing, im out of work and ive met people at the bus stop after going to an employment agency, that agency sent this guy to work all the time, just got out of jail for selling meth and hes got a job to go to while ive never done drugs in my life but never heard from that company again, it dont seem fair

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