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  • She has to be... -caring -smart -funny -outgoing -adventerous -witty -helpful -treat me like an equal(i do the same) -loving -one of a kind :) -beautiful(in the eye of the beholder) -sexy -dorky(like a goofball kind of way, thats how i am lol) -weird(in a good way lol) Im just describing my gf, lol i could make this list go on forever but these are her main characteristics that i love about her. :)
  • Got a personality first and foremost. Humour Makes compromises. Works Good looks Fianlly my wife is all and everything to me. Married 16 years + now.
  • Loyal and friendly. That's it!
  • Someone who is "ringworthy" would have the following characteristics: SMART Great sense of humor Not too stubborn to compromise with me on things, trivial or non-trivial Accepts and loves me for who I am, not what I have Attractive Open-minded Kind, considerate, understanding A healthy dose of shared interests (movies, music, etc.) Different enough from me so that we can learn from each other Emotionally independent but still compatible Adventurous and fun (applies in the bedroom as well as daily life) Willing to carry her share of financial/domestic responsibility if necessary Devoted, faithful, and honest with me-- always.
  • Intelligent, good sense of humor, independent... I'll think of some more.
  • Here she is...
  • Pls let me know if ever get to someone with all that charecteristics you described... I want to marry again
  • I'm just going to say, my girlfriend, because there's too much to describe. +5

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