• The differences have nothing to do with how hard or soft the wood is. A wood is defined as a "hardwood" if it comes from a deciduous tree. (Usually defined as a broadleaf tree that drops it's leaves seasonally.) A "softwood" is defined as coming from an evergreen tree. A perfect example of a soft hardwood is Balsa wood. The balsa tree is deciduous, so by definition balsa is a hardwood, but the wood is so soft you can dent it with your fingernail.
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  • One is soft, and the other one is hard. DUH! (Not realy, hardwood is wood from decidous trees, and soft wood is from evergreens.)
  • You said "wood" huh-huh huh-huh. Yeah! Hard wood! Your mother likes hard wood! Uh, could you like shut up?

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