• Completely. I actually quite like babies, but specifically baby girls. I find it quite difficult to relate to baby boys, probably because there aren't really any in my family. I have lots of nieces though. When you think about it, babies and small children are completely dependent on you, they continually throw up, they wet/poo themselves, they slobber and when they're first born they come out all screwed up and red. If it wasn't for their small size, I don't think many people would like babies. A lot of people dislike the elderly because a lot of them are as dependent as a baby is. But really, the only difference is older people tend to be bigger.
  • Sure, as long as you recognize that it is certain qualities you object to, and not the person. Disliking babies usually means you dislike the crying, uncontrolled bodily functions and demands for attention. A lot of people overcome that by enjoying the feel of a baby and the they feel great pleasure holding and cuddling them. I'm uncomfortable holding babies from other families because parents are very possessive of their babies and they have "rules" about how and when and why one interacts with their child. While I don't dislike babies, I generally steer clear of them after a breif acknowledgement of their adorable features. Once the kids get older and can converse somewhat, I really get into them. In my case I think the utter dependancy of babies scares me!
  • It can be. Cute as they are, they can be realy annoying. But I have been living in a day-care center up untill a few months ago, so I'm probably jaded.
  • I'm not a baby person. I'm ok (on some levels). I wouldn't worry about it. Some are just more maternal than others
  • I never liked babies much myself.
  • I find them revolting. I couldn't even watch that movie "Baby's Day Out". And when day care centers push the little freaks around in one of those big strollers, I glare at them and then just look away. I only liked my own babies, and could tolerate babies of people I had a relationship/friendship with.
  • Its normal. Some people are just not maternal. Like me.
  • I just want to comment on the honesty of the question a step for the good -
  • I do not think this is normal, necessarily... have you had a particular bad experience with a baby once?
  • I dislike other people's babies when they are screaming or being sick, I will probably adore my own when I have them, thanks to the hormones and such.
  • I've been asking myself the same question, I don't like them either. I just don't see why people think there cute? they remind me of little old men. not the most Attractive things. and why do people want them? they cry all the time, you have the Pleasure of wiping their ass and paying for them for 20 odd years, they bloody hurt to give birth to, not to mention ruin your figure and give you permanent stretch marks! thank pet dog will do, hes cuter,easier to look after and pain free
  • I do not think it is abnormal , as long as the dislike does not include harming them
  • Babies do nothing for me, I think they only start getting cute around toddler age
  • I would say that is not normal behavior-or the population would not be growing.
  • Yes. To each their own. Nobody is forcing you to like or dislike anything.
  • I'm glad my kids are adults now but I hate to be around children.
  • If you're not used to being around babies, it would be normal in how child-rearing is hard and can cause people to feel anger, frustration and resentment.
  • I'm glad that mine are grown ups but I don't like other peoples' babies.
  • You were once a baby too so how would you feel if an older relative of yours said to you that they did not like you as a baby? I’m sure that would hurt your feelings. The same situation applies to everyone else because we were all babies once. To dislike a baby is sort of like disliking yourself in a way since it doesn’t dawn on you to reflect a part of who you once were.
  • I like my own but none others.

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