• Not at all.
  • no but your not right either
  • I have to agree, I love sports but education is more important and actual physical fitness more important then sports itself. The arts open up your mind to education and free thinking.
  • I agree with you :)
  • You are right, and may I add an however here, please? In the educational system, sports is definately a huge revenue generator. While the arts may generate a little revenue, it would be nowhere near that of which sports brings in. The money sports brings in helps to keep the educational system afloat, and will benefit other non-sports activities. Simply put, if there wasn't thousands and thousands of seats to football and basketball games being sold, the schools would either have to cut other programs, or raise the tuition to offset this loss.There are very few out there who will spend $1,000+ for entry to the final art exhibit to crown the Arts Championship.
  • I don't know... Sports teaches sportsmanship and healthy exercise. Is there too little money? THAT I agree with... Schools have had to decide which classes and activities to cut. When that happens, it's usually sports or arts that are first on the list. And schools can MAKE money from sports, but not arts... So which would YOU cut. Arts can be taught much easier than sports outside of school. NOTE: I DO NOT agree with the schools cutting ANY programs, but I understand that they must.
  • I think both have an important place in students development. I realize there's limitations due to lack of funds; however, I believe they both should be funded in the same amount. If parents/alumna want to donate to specific activities, so be it, but the state should provide exactly the same amount to both.
  • You are so correct. Many institutions place more focus on how well their football team does than how well their band does or if they have any talented artists in the school. The youth need the arts because as we know they need a constructive break away from all that "boring" studying that they do. Their young fertile minds need to develop along with their creative side and this is what the arts do for them. Sports are important to blow off energy but more in a recreational manner. You are absolutely correct here.
  • I think both are important for different reasons. However, both are subordinate to the basics. English, Math, Science, etc.

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