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  • There is an obvious reason that they are old-loves. I wouldn't presue anything.
  • Why are you seeing your old love? Why are you willing to hurt your partner? Why can't you forget him/her? Why do you still have strong feelings about him/her? Did you not love your partner? Why did you get together? What do you expect to find? What are you lacking in your present life that you are still seeking from someone who is yesterday's news?
  • What happened? I came across this question a bit late in the day but I hope you realized that nostalgia is deceitful and plays on our imaginations. Why your old love is past is because it didn't work for whatever reason. What makes you think it will be different? What if your present partner was the one from the past? How would you feel then? Familiarity breeds contempt, remember. But also, reality is more boring than imagination - but at least its real.
  • Just walk on by and cherish the memories, be thankful for what you have today and make a special effort to remember why your current partner is who you are with now and your ex is long gone.....and keep it that way.
  • Keep right on walking, find your current love and give them the biggest hug and kiss because you realized there is a very good reason that ex is an ex and now you have true love and not some lingering fantasy of what was or could have been. You have the real thing now.

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