• There is nothing wrong with him being Muslim if indeed he were Muslim. His father is Muslim however Obama claims to be Christian and not Muslim. His religion has been made an issue probably by the same assholes that made Mitt Rommney's being a Mormon a big issue
  • People, for the most part, aren't that shallow. That was proved when Sen. Kennedy was elected, despite being Catholic. However, if Sen. Obama is a Muslim, and tries to hide that, then that would be an issue. The same would have been so if John Kennedy tried to hide his faith affiliation.
  • I think it is to placate the religious right in this country. They are suspicious of anyone/everyone not like them. That's my guess. I'm sure there are millions of muslims who are much kinder to their fellow human beings than some Christians..being Christian or born again should mean that you are loving, kind, accepting..shouldn't it? It doesn't seem to and that puzzles me! :) How can you say you love Jesus and God and not realize that we (yes, including Muslims, Jews, Buddhists) are all God's creation. I wonder what Jesus and God think! :)
  • Actually it has nothing to do with shallowness or with Obama being a Muslim, if that is indeed what he is. It has a lot more to do with the ways that most religious people try to advance their religion while holding public office. Some of us, a lot of us, don't want some non-resident invisible sky god affecting important decisions or being in control of the nukes. As far as Mitt Romney goes, he being a Mormon was never really an issue. It was the simple fact that he cuddled and spooned regularly with his big business cronies and a myriad of questionable special interest groups.
  • As an outsider, I find it ironic that Obama is at the same time castigated for remarks made by his Christian pastor, and accused of being a Muslim.
  • The problem is with Hussein Obama in general.
  • My only issue with Obama is that his political beliefs are different than mine and he has only served about a 146 days in the state senate. other than that I could care less what his religious beliefs are.
  • Well said! I have wondered this myself, seriously when did it become a requirement to be a Christian to be president.
  • It's an issue because it causes confusion and fear in a population where many people know nothing about the religion, with exception of the short media bytes they get about extremists. I don't think people are shallow, just grossly undereducated in current events and the world around them. It's a shame that his religion is an issue, no matter what religion he claims.
  • Because I believe differently then Obama politically, I would not vote for him. But there's one other thing that troubled me. When the preacher or whatever they are called, at the mosque Obama attended came forward with anti-American comments and comments, and Obama did not immediately come forward condemning those comments. He waited until the republicans made a fuss about the comments, and finally condemned them, which makes me nervous. Maybe he was hoping it would go away without anyone making a stink about it, I don't know, but the other possibility is he didn't really dissagree with that man, and the idea of having a president that believes all those things is just scary as heck, you know?
  • We are at war with Muslim radicals and you want one as President. He has already said he will surrender if elected. What will happen to our troops who surrender? get Real!
  • Obama is a Baptist. Evidently, you refer to the school he attended when he was 5 years old. There really aren't that many 5 year olds who decide where they will attend school. At least non I know of, How about you ?
  • Unfortunately, people only take a look at what they want to see. The chruch Obama attended could not be described as a Baptist Mosque, in my opinion. It does amaze me though that someone can be attributed with rantings of others and the number of people in the US who think everything is fine and wish to continue the present course. I don't agree with many of Obama's ideas or proposed policy changes. BUT he is the only one that really advocated any change at all. Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over the same way and expecting a different outcome. We saw oil prices go through the roof in 1974. Rationing was even put into play. Today, we have the same oil policies and people are surprised tht history has repeated itself. DUH
  • People fear what they don’t know. That’s why McCain’s running against Obama instead of Romney. I frankly think it would be interesting to see a Latter-day Saint vs. a Muslim for the Presidency, but I doubt the ignorant would ever let either one get that far.
  • The only thing I would find wrong with Obama being a Muslim is that would make him a liar, being that he has repeatedly stated that he is a Christian.
  • You never read a newspaper or watch the news on TV do you? Are you that shallow on knowledge? Muslim radicals are at war with us. Obama is one of them. Do you want carbombs and a dictator in charge of the US? Why don't you go to Iran to live? You aren't serious are you?
  • I think fear has more to do with it than anything. I can't entirely blame them, though. After what some radical Muslims have done towards our country, people are nervous about all of them, even though most Muslims aren't like that. If Obama was Muslim, it wouldn't impact my vote at all. I would think it was good that he was monotheistic like me, and so..we'd be good on that front. Unfortunately, politically, he's way to far to the left for my tastes. If I were to vote for a Democrat for President, it'd probably be someone like Joe Lieberman. He's not afraid to go against the grain when he believes he is right.
  • There shouldn't be any problem with it, if in fact he was Muslim (which he isn't). Unfortunately, there are still a lot of folks who are bigots and believe in lies, stereotypes and biased propaganda. It isn't PC to play the race card (which a lot of people DO have an issue with), so they try to convince people he's Muslim because people are paranoid about the extremists ever since 9/11. Too bad so many people still listen to that garbage instead of seeking the truth!
  • yea I'm that shallow
  • I'm afraid so Zebulon... when they want to stop someone from success, they will stoop to the lowest level possible... they being opposition, and basically any form of racists (anti-blacks, anti-muslims, anti-liberals...w/e) and if his middle name fits the glove, why not put it on him? it's almost as sad as it's frustrating... but, what can you do.. every dog has his day great question nonetheless
  • Yes .. and really that misinformed.
  • Obama coming out as muslim would be HUGE, my friend. Many will think that he is the friend of the terrorists, for all main terrorist groups are muslim. Also, the extraction plan for Iraq would benefit his muslim buddies, for when we get out of the way, they can dig into Israel like never before. It MUST be said that even if he is muslim or goes muslim, his name doesn't have to change. Barack Hussein Obama is a muslim name. We had one Hussein whacked and we are trying to elect the next one as president. Go figure!
  • Yes people are that shallow. We can hide behind all the, "we judge fairly" but in truth nobody does. We all jump to conclusions. Even professionals! This is true human behavior not love and peace.
  • Yes, people are that shallow.
  • Yes, people are that shallow. Senator Obama seems to be bit naive about how shallow, ignorant and afraid a lot of people are. -
  • Oh nothing. I'm all for Muslims! Bring on the suicide bombing and the "Muslim Patrols"!! I cant get enough of people who kill women for being raped and worship a child molester! Gosh golly!! :D

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