• If it's so great then every BJJ fighter would have a perfect record and so is not the case.
  • I agree with you its the best. Because it is the only one the puts a serious focus on ground fighting and 90% of all fights end up on the ground. The other martial arts are more interested in looking tough and you look tough when your standing up and kicking.
  • what is about fighting that makes evry1 an expert??? BJJ is not a style of MMA because MMA is mixed martial arts anybody who thinks they can train in just 1 disapline and be a gud MMA fighter is mistaken the key is in the name Mixed martial arts you have to be a complete fighter taking time to work on all areas of a fight. i have seen many gud BJJ fighters get smashed on the ground just take a look at Royce Gracie vs wanderlei silva besides royce gracie is NOT an MMA fighter.
  • Like other guy said you need to train all areas nowadays. Some people can excel with certain strengths though. The striker who have awesome takedown defense can be great. Or the Wrestler with great submission defense. or etc etc BJJ is one of the things I love most about the sport but now when you are actually facing top tier people and aren't outmatching someone incredibly then all of the main techniques in mma are equal, it just depends on who is implementing it. In terms of beating people for defense in real life BJJ is by far the best single art to learn though
  • No Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a watered-down martial art it comes from Judo and it was only half learned in Brazil and they took that and called it Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you have to give me some type of example on how it's better because it's a hype of a martial art. Don't get me wrong it's effective but I asked you can you name me some other forms of Jiu-Jitsu before you say it's the best? If not you got to look at other things man don't let people who do any other art convince you otherwise you need to look for yourself and find what is good for you.
  • never heard of them

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