• It usually takes tousands to millions of years for a planet to aquire rings. A planet aquires rings by trapping astroids and large peices of ice in it's orbit.
  • Typically, at least the ones with rings in our system anyway (there's more than one planet with rings), it's thought to be the result of collisions between moons or gravitational tug of war, ripping those moons apart.
  • 4-30-2017 An electric current flows from the sun into the planet's pole and out along the equator. If the planet has a magnetic field, this produces a Faraday motor effect so that any dust near the planet will be made to go around the equator. Astronomers don't know this because they have not studied electric charge and plasma physics. Most of what we know from rockets was learned by weathermen, and that is why most explanations use Earth weather patterns as analogies.

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