• We where always brought to the country side haha! To splash world was brill! :)
  • Took swim lessons, went to day camp, took summer art classes, visited our grandmother's back east, and played, played, played outside as much as possible!
  • We didn't have a lot of money so what we did for amusement centered around home. My folks would put an old mattress out in the backyard and my sis and I used to pretend we were acrobats..I'd do a back flip (yep, I really did) and she was wonderful at doing cartwheels. Then we'd build forts out of old large appliances boxes and old blankets..also, on really hot days we'd take turns spraying each other with water from the hose in our bathing suits. Sounds humble and simple and it was..but we sure had a lot of fun! :)
  • Work mostly
  • I liked playing basketball for hours at a local park. I also liked to hangout on a wall across the street from my house and spend a couple of hours talking with other kids around sunset time and stay their until 10 PM.
  • Really small? I played alot with my brothers. We didn't have too many toys but we used the few we had alot. Always wanted a fort and If it was ony a branch leaned up against a tree it was enough. I loved getting out and roaming through the woods. I remember drawing plans for elaborite fort with hammocks to sleep in. We actually dug into the side of a large mound and had a small underground fort. We made a fire too. I was very investigative and imaginative. I imagined myself to be an indian when I was in the woods and had built up a very large knowledge base of indian-type knowledge. I still love being in the woods today but unfortunately don't get out much.
  • I'd just play with my friends and ride horses all summer. Occasionally I'd go to work with my mom at the business my parents had. We'd make a fun day of it with lunch, shopping and whatever we wanted. But mostly I was on the back of a horse:-)
  • Played baseball, smoked weed and got naked.
  • Played baseball, go see movies, ride bikes, be an idiot...
  • Cut Grass for the neighbors and delivered papers;) Chores around the house;) swimming in the lake behind our house;) Skate boarding;) Playing doctor with the neighbor girls;)!!(MY Favorite)
  • Bodyboard.
  • Climbed Trees; you don't see that anymore...*sigh* =)
  • I don't have anything cool, we just worked janitorial every night, all night for my Dad. No wait, we did that all year long! It wouldn't have been so bad if maybe we got even a penny an hour.
  • Rode bikes, played baseball and kickball, swam, visited my grandfather for a week, got ice cream, helped out my father in his business sometimes, went to Lake George, played badminton, played tennis, climbed trees.
  • Swam like a fish! Stayed at the neighborhood Pool every day or as much as possible! Hiya T!
  • I was climbing the trees
  • go to the seaside in Cornwall:-)
  • we always started the summer off with a scavenger hunt.

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