• I've been wondering, do I value the food or the service more at a restaurant? If the answer is the service, why do we only pay 15% for the tip?
  • Sure, if the service is truly exemplary.
  • Only if it's deserved.
  • F*** the servers!!! Who tips the chefs??!!! :(
  • I think they should be paid a fair hourly wage instead of relying on tips, which wildly fluctuate.
  • I've tipped more than 15% on occasion, if the service deserves it.
  • 15% is the least I would tip unless the service was truly disgraceful.
  • if they're good at what they do you bet i do. plus they split it between the cleaners too, so if they do a good job, well the food was paid for so, service should be too.
  • YES! They make horrible money, and many of them are unskilled, working their way through school. 15% is the LEAST my husband and I tip. We support waiters and waitresses because they could just as easily be on the street selling our children drugs! They chose not to, so we support them.
  • Yes, because of how little their employers pay them. I tip at least 20% of the post-tax bill.
  • If they do a great job, or if I've asked them to go above and beyond (made a lot of special requests, had to ask them to get extra items, my child makes a mess...) then I tip at least 20%.
  • I was a server and many time people wouldn't leave nearly enough. Some would leave me 7 dollars on a $100 bill which is crap. I live by the "divide by then again" theory. Take the bill, divide in half, then in half again and that is the tip. 25% in my book which is very fair.
  • i think it is up to the customer to give exactly, more, or less based on service and not food quality because i know i have served in places where the cooks can screw up and cost you extra work for less money.
  • I give 15% even if the service is average. I give a lot more if it's good.
  • no its expensive enough eatin out?
  • IMO: 15% is for average service; 20% for an above average job. Conversely, if the wait staff sucks, I will tip less or nothing.
  • with a really good job i think 20 percent but not any more because they make enough as it is even with all the crap they take. on a decent day they can get like 350 on a really good day they can get up to one grand(my friend's aunt made that at a restaurant downtown
  • No 15% is normal.
  • If they did a terrific job or there were many at the table, yes.
  • not in my opinion.
  • i think that no and the reason being is sometimes you get the worst server and they dont do anything! But if i get a good server i tip very well because they earned it!
  • It depends on how much your bill was and how good the service was. I'm a server and sometimes when the cooks make an error on the food, I get blamed for by the customers and makes me look I end up getting a bad tip; so always consider not being too rough on your server(s), especially if they have to bus their own tables.
  • Being a server in the past, I think all servers should receive a 20% tip. Unless you weren't happy with your service. If the service was OK, I would leave 15%. And if it was any worse than that I would speak with a manager. However, I think you should be more lenient with servers if you can see that they are very busy. If they forget your refill, it's not the end of the world. Hope this helps!
  • if you were entertained well
  • I would like to see it upped to 20%. I don't stiff bad waiters, but I will tip less than 15% if the service sucked. Instead of putting up with it an entire meal, I ask for a nother server. Usually I get one! I never leave less than 20%. Serving is HARD work!!! It's my way of rewarding honest work.

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