• Yes I was with this girl and it was so cool and we liked each other a lot and one day she was just..Sorry bye!
  • My ex was in that situation...but we had been together for 2 years and for the last few months he keep pushing me away and taking breaks. I finally got fed up with it and broke it off. I don't think he ever realized what he did wrong, but we've moved on and I'm in love with an amazing soldier who I can't wait to marry :)
  • No...never. I initiated all the breakups. :)
  • Yeah....It's all my fault though. I am a very, very stupid person, so I made the mistake of actually thinking she was serious about me. Big surprise, especially after all the work I went through to see her.
  • yes, although i knew it was inevitable it was still a shock when he finally went.
  • I was the end of job, I didn't see it coming. Maybe that was a good thing.
  • Yes. Years ago. I thought everything was great between us. I went to visit my parents for a week, and when I came home, he called and said he wanted to end our relationship because he wasn't sure of his feelings. It was really hard on me, and took a long time to get over. It was for the best though, looking back. :)
  • I was. But, I was waiting for it to finally end. I was surprised it was so easy.
  • oh yeah! My boyfriend was leaving to a different college than i was. We didn't break up.. kept in touch..would come visit me...then one day I stopped hearing from him. Found out a month later he had moved in with some girl..never broke up with me or told me anything.
  • Yes, very recently. It makes no sense, nothing was wrong, it was as near to perfect as you could get. Except that I got scared and put up walls because I wasn't sure he felt the same way. Turns out he did but my walls had pushed him to far away. We had broke up for a few weeks, got back together after talking about what happened. We were back together a few months when out of the blue a week and a half ago he says he's having trouble "reigniting" his feelings.
  • Oh, yeah. My ex accused me of cheating, got in an argument, texted each other for a week arguing because I couldn't beleive he would accuse me. Then told me it could never be the same again, we could just be friends. He told me it was my fault. Turned it around on me. The thing is I didn't even cheat. Blew my mind and I'm still, two months later, confused as hell. I have so much resentment I can't even talk to him without cursing him out, so the friend thing is out of the question.
  • Yep it just completely happened to me my ex and i went camping and then he even told me he moved from Brownwood texas to Fort worth to be closer to me thats why he took the job in fort worth well the next weekend he was acting really weird so i asked him are you still wanting to hang out and talk still he said yes sweety then the next day after that i have yet to hear from him!
  • I seen them all one sense but, choose not to see it sometimes
  • o yeah. i was dating a guy that had a kid. i was really hesitant to get invloved with him b/c of this, and i told him that i didnt want to be his rebound. he assured me SO many times that he wasnt like that, and that he really liked me. so we dated for a little while, and everything was great...until his babies mama found out about me! she started calling and bothering him. and he would still assure me that he wanted to be w/ me and not her...and i was cool with the whole thing, really laid back. then one day she shows up at his apt and he goes outside to talk to her. when he came back inside he told me that he was going to be w/ her because of the baby. i shouldve seen it coming, but it was like a smack in the face. and the thing was, he was crying the whole time he was telling me!!
  • It was today! didn't even see it coming.

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